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Nurse Wellness and a Positive Patient Experience

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A recent study conducted by the Nebraska market research and a consulting company PRC revealed that less than half of U.S. nurses feel fully engaged while on the job. Approximately 14% of nurses were surveyed and described themselves as being unengaged.

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Nurse wellness is always considered a meager factor in the discussion of their ability to deliver care eclipsed by their intellectual capacity and experience in nursing. Truly, nurse wellness encompasses the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of nurses.

Reducing Burnout and Stress

A study published in the Journal of Nursing Management (Smith, S., Lapkin, S., Sim, J., & Halcomb, E., 2020) found that nurses who experienced lower levels of burnout were more likely to provide patient-centered care.

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Effect on Patients

When nurses are well and not overwhelmed by their own health concerns or stress, they can more effectively express empathy and compassion toward their patients.

Recent research highlights that nurse wellness initiatives lead to improved patient safety outcomes. Fatigued or stressed nurses are more prone to making errors and compromise patient safety.

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Strategies to Promote Nurse Wellness

Mental + Physical Health Support

Work-Life Balance

Professional Development