Permanently Cure Sciatica

Written By: Dominion Ezechibueze

Curing sciatica pain permanently is not impossible but rather quite simple. 

First, you must understand that permanent relief won’t come overnight.

Tip 1

Your pain can end. It involves a combination of finding the right exercises and figuring out how best to incorporate them into your daily routine.


Large Radish

Hamstring Stretch

One effective stretch involves lying flat on your back with your legs extended. Slowly lift one leg towards the ceiling, using a towel or band wrapped around the foot for support.


Piriformis Stretch

An effective exercise to perform is by sitting on a chair with your feet flat on the ground. Cross one ankle over the opposite knee, gently pressing the raised knee downward until you feel a comfortable stretch in the buttock area.


Core Strength

Planks are an excellent exercise for core strengthening. Start by getting on your hands and knees. Then send both feet back behind your body and make sure to squeeze your core to maintain a straight line in your back.


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