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Top 5 Heart Healthy Snacks You Can Enjoy Anytime

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May 1, 2023

heart healthy snacks

I’m almost 90% sure you purposely don’t want to harm the health of your heart. I mean without our heart working properly, that leaves room for some unfortunate circumstances like heart attacks.

But, consuming heart healthy snacks in place of the plethora of unhealthy snacks most of us eat on a daily basis can dramatically increase the health of your heart.

Our heart is essential for everyday health and longevity of life. Regular exercise and eating a nutritious diet are vital components of a healthy heart — for sure. But the type of snacks we regularly consume can also play a critical role in the state of our heart health.

Snacking on the right foods can help regulate our blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and lower cholesterol levels. All of which can benefit heart health. Here are the top 5 heart healthy snacks you can enjoy anytime.


Benefits of Healthy Snacks

Most people have a good idea of what foods/snacks are and aren’t healthy. It’s reported that the average American can ingest up to one-quarter of their total calories from snacks, according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). If snacks are a big part of your daily diet, this can have a huge impact on your health. You don’t need to be an MD to understand that snacking on junk food can lead to weight gain and other health problems.


Some ways heart healthy snacks can be beneficial are:

  • They can increase nutrient intake
  • They sustain energy levels
  • They help the body recover from exercise


Certain snacks can even help improve the quality of a person’s diet. For example, nutrient-dense snacks can help one meet recommended intake levels of different vitamins and essential nutrients.


Top 5 Heart Healthy Snacks


heart healthy snacks



A fascinating discovery from countless nutrition research is that people who regularly eat nuts are less likely to have heart attacks or die from heart disease vs individuals who rarely eat them.


Many studies like the Iowa Women’s Health Study and the Nurses’ Health Study have shown a consistent 30 percent to 50 percent lower risk of sudden cardiac death, or cardiovascular disease associated with eating nuts several times a week.


Nuts have been demonstrated to be one of the top heart healthy snacks and some great options include almonds, walnuts, and pistachios.


heart healthy snacks



When it comes to heart healthy snacks that both taste great and beneficial for your heart, it’s hard to compete with the berry. All kinds of berries are rich in antioxidants — substances that help fight or prevent cell damage.


Antioxidants are active basically everywhere in the body, and especially in the heart. The best sources are obviously found in real, pesticide-free whole foods.


The different types of berries have different qualities and various amounts of nutrients. It’s great to mix up diverse types of berries in your diet for optimal results.


heart healthy snacks



There are different “versions” of hummus, and it really comes down to how it is made. In original recipes, people mixed chickpeas with other anti-inflammatory foods—like virgin olive oil, garlic, and lemon. This method is a far healthier way to consume hummus rather than its highly processed counterparts.


Hummus is well known as a key food in the Mediterranean diet. They incorporate it into many different types of meals. boosting its nutritional value. This type of diet has been proven to help lower risks of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and many other diseases alike.


A study published in the journal Nutrients — researchers found many health benefits of eating hummus like lower cholesterol, lipid, and blood pressure, which help prevent heart diseases.

heart healthy snacks



Avocado is a heart healthy snack that is very delicious and versatile. You can add it to a savory meal or a yummy dessert. Avocados are rich in healthy fats, fiber, and potassium, making this green fruit very advantageous to heart health.


During a 30-year-plus study, researchers documented more than 110,000 people in a long-occurring Harvard study. The results showed a 16 percent lowered risk of cardiovascular disease for people who ate at least two servings of avocado every week. And also a 21 percent lower risk of experiencing a heart attack or related problems.


Long story short, you should be eating your avocados. I usually spread some on toast and add eggs and turkey bacon (genius I know).


heart healthy snacks


Greek Yogurt

192,564 Veterans were placed in a study and were basically told to let loose on consuming yogurt. The results were extremely fascinating. Researchers found that any kind of yogurt, not just Greek, had a positive impact on the veteran’s heart health.


They determined that the probiotics were the contributing factor to such increased cardiac output. Eating yogurt led to the veterans having higher HDL cholesterol levels and lower triglycerides (a type of fat found in the blood that increases the risk of cardiovascular disease).


Yogurt can virtually be consumed with anything and it’s super delicious on its own.


Let’s Wrap Things Up

In conclusion, snacking can be a healthy addition to a heart-healthy lifestyle. By incorporating these heart healthy snacks into your diet, you can promote heart health and improve overall wellness.







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