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Smart Posture Corrector with Sensor Vibration Reminder for Men and Women



  • ️Backmedic smart posture corrector: upgraded smart posture corrector is equipped with smart sensor, it will remind you by vibrating when you have bad posture. It can help you keep a good habit of your posture, prevent and improve the hunchback, you can wear it anywhere.
  • The best posture corrector: freely adjust the angle of the vibration reminder. Users can adjust the angle (range from 5 to 50 degrees) according to age and physical condition. The main flash control chip has a memory function and the data will not be lost when the battery is exhausted or power off.
  • lost when the battery is exhausted or power off. Adjustable design: there is durable adjustable buckle, the strap is made of soft and breathable material, which does not hurt the armpits and make the shoulders comfortable. Which makes it can be adjusted to chest size ranging from 58 – 107 cm, so it fits for men, women and children. Don’t hesitate to use this back brace to keep a good posture with your partner. Translated with (free version)
  • USB Charging: Normally it can be used 15 days (15 minutes/day) and you only need to charge it for about 2 hours. You can take it with you wherever you want to go. During charging, the icon flashes, when fully charged, the icon is always on; keep using it as a posture trainer for at least 30 days and you will see that you are in good shape. Enjoy a healthy life with your family and friends.
  • ️Lightweight and portable: The posture corrector makes it can be worn on your clothes at work or daily life discreetly. We recommend it for those who have hunchback, shoulder pain, uncomfortable waist caused by sitting for a long time at the desk. It is also a good choice for your children to maintain a good posture and health habit.


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