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The Hidden Dangers of a Slouched Posture for Nurses: 3 Tips for a Healthier Workday


Dominion Ezechibueze — Sep 8, 2023 I’m sure you’ve seen the nurse at 2 a.m. slouched over her desk trying to recuperate herself together to go back and tend to her 7 patients. The amount of dedication and persistence by nurses is parallel to very few other professions.   Sadly, this strong and selfless […]

Unlock the Benefits of Sphinx Pose: How to Improve Posture and Relieve Lower Back Pain

Sphinx Pose

Dominion Ezechibueze — May 13, 2023 Improving posture has never been a sexy topic among people. Most health conversations are usually about getting a six-pack and or losing weight. But so many individuals have low confidence, excruciating lower back pain, and other physical and emotional struggles just from having bad posture. But there are […]

Slouching at Work: How to Maintain Good Posture and Avoid Pain

bad posture mc main 220111 01 f3de21

Dominion Ezechibueze — Feb 17, 2023 If you’re like countless people, your job requires you to be seated at a desk for extended periods of time. However, this lifestyle demand has been linked to chronic pain, heart complications, and injuries. Overall, negatively impacts one’s productivity and long-term health.   Slouching at work is a […]

How Having a Valuable Posture Corrector Mobility Plan Can Help You

posture corrector

Dominion Ezechibueze — Feb 2, 2023 Many of us have heard the saying, “stand up straight!” at some point in our lives, but have you ever stopped to think about why good posture is so important? Not only does good posture make you look more confident and attractive, but it also has numerous health […]

Best Methods for Posture Corrector

Posture corrector

Dominion Ezechibueze — Jan 03, 2023   If you’re sitting at your desk right now — like you do every day for eight-plus hours — there’s a strong chance you may feel some discomfort somewhere. Maybe it’s your lower back that starts to ache. Or your neck and shoulders getting stiff by lunchtime. When it comes to […]

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