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Effective Personalized Fitness Plans

Get a fully customized physical fitness program or nutrition plan to help you achieve your fitness goals! Also, try my backed-by-science mobility plan to help you eliminate muscle and joint pain allowing you to move better with a full range of motion.

Effective Personalized Fitness Plans

Pricing & Plans

Customized Fitness & Nutrition Plan

Getting a fully tailored physical fitness program and nutrition program will definitely help you live a more healthy and more enjoyable life! Start to build new habits that reinforce a healthy lifestyle bringing you more fulfillment and happiness.

Fitness Plan




30-day fitness plan to help you get back in shape & burn fat.





30-day fitness and nutrition plan that encompasses the components of each plan.

Nutrition Plan




30-day nutrition plan to help you build new eating habits leading to a healthier you. 

At Home Personal Trainer

Get the best physical fitness program at your fingertips. Including nutritious meals to your diet, helps achieve your physical goals easier. Minion Training allows working out online to be effective and interactive to help you stay motivated. 

Different Recipes
Client Transformations
Total Workouts

Custom Mobility or Nutrition Plan

The best online personal training for you to facilitate productive habits towards a healthier life. Get a fully customized physical fitness program or nutrition plan to help you look and feel better! No matter what level of fitness you are currently at, my nutrition program, physical fitness program, and daily accountability will help you reach your health goals.

IMG 7985 2 scaled

Move Better w/ Me

Get a fully customized 30-day physical fitness program to help you move better with no pain! 

physical fitness program

Eat Better w/ Me

Get a 30-day nutrition plan filled with easy-to-prepare recipes that are delicious and will help you reach your fitness goals!

  • Personalized
  • Allergy Friendly
  • Protein Packed
  • Easy-to-read
  • Weekly Accountability
Online Classes

Move Pain Free

Reduce your muscle and joint pain with my bodyweight mobility classes that have been proven to ease your physical discomfort. Improve your range of motion and flexibility which will in turn decrease your level of pain and enhance your movement capabilities.

This is not your traditional Western style of bandaid-medicine where it will feel good for a while then the pain will return. This practice is backed by countless research that when done routinely can totally eliminate pain and transform your body and life for the better.




Per Month

Monthly classes with a bit of extra value




Per Month

Monthly classes with even more additional value




Per Month

Monthly classes with an exclusive amount of value  

physical fitness program

Don't Miss Out!

Get Free Fitness/Nutrition Tips designed to help you live better! 

Personalized Plan

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