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Patience is a Virtue

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February 17, 2022



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Can You Have Complete Patience In Uncertainty?


Like me, most people have low patience, especially when in a hurry to get somewhere or something. Patience is a virtue shouldn’t just be some mundane cliche we express ever so often to satisfy our ego. Whether it’s patience to learn a new skill or patience to get in shape; having to deal with patience is an experience that many humans hold in common.


Sometimes our patience is tested by loved ones or someone we can’t stand. Most recently, everybody was forced to have patience amid a global pandemic. Many internal problems were highlighted due to the lack of patience from individuals during the pandemic.


Lack of Patience or Fierce Tenacity?


It’s hard for me because I’m a person who doesn’t rely on talents but skill. As an entrepreneur, I’m working for myself and I have to work 10-times harder than another company or business that has a team behind them. I’m recently beginning to understand that different tasks and different projects require a different level of patience; I can’t get frustrated when one situation is handled very effectively but another seems so complicated beyond a solution. Having the patience to take a break from tasks to allow your brain to reprieve is so important, especially for entrepreneurs. 


There are lots of different ways people approach situations. We know that if we’re talking about growing a business or building muscle; most people lack patience and want those goals as soon as possible. But the patience during that process is actually when most of the work is being done. Rushing to meet deadlines and or quotas can take away from some learning experiences you might have obtained along the way if you had a bit more patience. 


Patience is a virtue


Let Patience Have its Work


Many of us are so quick to get what we want that we don’t allow the process of growth to take place. If the caterpillar rushed the cocoon, it probably wouldn’t come out as beautiful as it does. Just like the caterpillar can’t rush its process of turning into a butterfly, we can’t rush a six-pack unto our stomachs. Building muscle is a process that can’t be avoided. The hard work is required from an individual to exercise regularly and eat healthy. They have to prioritize their fitness over certain mundane things that took up their time previously if they really want to see the results they desire.




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