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How Mobility Training Can Make My Muscle Pain Feel Better?

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Jan 30, 2023

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If you’re someone who has ever experienced muscle pain, you know that it can be very annoying and incredibly painful.

Whether it’s a nagging lower-back pain or a debilitating cramp, your muscle pain can make it difficult to move around and enjoy your daily activities. Many people actually have to change doing some of the activities they love, due to the high frequency of their muscle pain.

But did you know that mobility training could be the key that starts to make you feel better? This style of training that is foreign to most, could be the saving-haven you’ve needed to counter your intense muscle pain and start to feel better. Continue reading and learn this not-so-secret form of aiding your muscle pains and aches.


The basics of mobility training

Let’s start with the basics. Mobility training is all about improving the range of motion in your joints and muscles. Everybody has the potential to have optimal range of motion but due to life circumstances, thats simply not everyone’s story.

Mobility training can encompass a variety of exercises and stretches, such as foam rolling, dynamic stretching, and yoga. By focusing on improving your mobility, you’re essentially giving your body the tools it needs to move more freely, and with less pain.


But why does mobility training make muscle pain feel better? Well, for starters, when your muscles are tight and inflexible, they’re more likely to experience pain and tension. When you’re performing mobility exercises, you’re helping to loosen-up these tight muscles, which can reduce the amount of pain you’re feeling.

In addition, mobility training can help improve your posture, which can have a big impact on your muscle aches and pains.


When you’re sitting or standing in a position that’s not ideal for your body, you’re putting extra stress on certain muscles and joints. For example, if you regularly sit in a slouched position, this puts unnecessary tension on your diaphragm, shoulders, and back.

feel better


But as you start to improve your posture through mobility training, the amount of unhealthy tension on these areas begin to decrease — thus, reducing your pain and ultimately making you feel better.


Feel better from the inside out

Another way mobility training can aid your muscle pain and help you feel better is by improving blood flow to your muscles.


When you’re performing mobility exercises and stretches, you’re essentially elongating stiff tissue/s and bundled up muscle-fibers in order to enhance the blood flow throughout your body, which can speed-up oxygen and nutrients being brought to your muscles.

This increased blood flow can help to reduce inflammation and soreness, which can make your muscle pain feel better.


It’s important to note that mobility training is not a magic cure-all for your muscle pain, and the healing affects may not happen right after your first mobility workout. Through consistent practice of mobility training can you truly start to feel better.

It’s also important to consider the severity of your muscle pain: Is it stemming from a previous injury or did your muscle pain start after an intense invasive procedure to your body? It’s always best to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new exercise routine to prevent further injury and get the best recommendations for your overall health.


But incorporating mobility training into your daily routine has been proven to be a great way to enhance your overall mobility and reduce your muscle pain.


Take your mobility seriously

Mobility training is not just for people who have muscle pain. In fact, incorporating mobility exercises into your daily routine can be beneficial for everyone, regardless if you’re experiencing muscle pain or not.


By improving your body’s muscular and joint mobility, you are significantly reducing your risk of injury and helping to prevent future muscle pain.


In this instant gratification society that we are living in, the idea of mobility training can sound boring and its effectiveness could easily be questioned. But picture this: A whole city or town being powered by wind energy, something we can’t see nor touch, but has great power.

Practicing mobility training regularly doesn’t have the power to directly ignite a whole city, but it can greatly restore your body’s physical capabilities to an optimal level, thus increasing the quality of your life.


— Even just a few minutes of stretching or foam rolling before you go to bed can make a big difference in how you feel the next day.


feel better


Finally, mobility training can also have a positive impact on your overall performance. Because your body is able to move more freely, and with less pain, you’ll be able to perform better in your sport, in the gym, and even at your job.

Some of my clients who are in the medical field share a common complaint of struggling with lower-back pain and foot cramps, which can get in the way of them taking care of their patients. They obviously push past the pain and tend to their patients with diligence, but at the cost of their comfort and ultimately their health.

Routinely performing mobility exercises can ease your muscle tension, adding much needed relief that can help you carry out your daily tasks more effectively, and make you feel better.



In conclusion, mobility training is a powerful approach when it comes to effectively reducing muscle pain.

There are countless benefits that lead to less muscle pain and boosted overall performance and health. By improving your range of motion, decreasing tension in your tight muscles, enhancing your posture and increasing blood flow to your muscles; mobility training can help to alleviate your muscle pain.

So, whether you’re currently experiencing muscle pain or not, give mobility training a try and see the difference it can make in your life.

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