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Dominion Ezechibueze — November 20, 2022   Time is a very valuable element in life and when considering how long should …

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Best Chest Exercises With Dumbbells

Dominion Ezechibueze — Aug 25, 2022     Looking for the best chest exercises with dumbbells to build and develop your …

How to Wash Fruits and Vegetables According to a Nutritionist GettyImages 88307658 2000 5f47f95a0fc04e97b782efab5ea843b6

Dominion Ezechibueze — Aug 4, 2022     Earth energy fruits and vegetables you should be eating Bell Peppers Alliums Spinach …

Benefits of a Morning Routine Blog

Healthy Morning Routine

Dominion Ezechibueze — July 17, 2022     Let me guess; your current attempt at a healthy morning routine consist of …


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How Does Online Personal Training Work?

Simply, by connecting through a virtual platform like zoom or facetime and performing our workout.
Weekly check-ins are also available to help keep you disciplined and address any changes that could be made with your program to constantly enhance your progress.
You can also schedule an in-person session with me via completing any form on the Home, About, and or Community Page. 

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Yes! Go to “Contact” (Drop-down under community) in the header or scroll to the bottom of the home page and fill out an inquiry for a personalized nutrition plan.

How Can I Get Access to All Your Fitness Programs?

Unfortunately, my online fitness programs are unavailable due to software issues.  You can join my newsletter via the bottom of this page. The first 150 (NEW USERS ON THE APP)  will receive their first 6 months free. 


In the meantime, receive a customized fitness and or nutrition program with fully personalized assets. Fill out a form on the home page and or the fitness plan page in the menu.


How Do I Schedule A Free Consultation?

Submit any form on my site with a message and please clearly right the word “Free Consultation” 

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