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Dominion Ezechibueze

Injury Prevention & Mobility Specialist

5+ years experience

Healthcare Partnerships:

Mobility Classes

My name is Dominion Ezechibueze and I am an Injury Prevention and Mobility specialist with 5+ years of experience in this space.


Our nurses work incredibly hard every day and they are who we call for almost every essential need.


It would be prudent to place procedures to advance the physical and mental health of nurses for enhanced patient care and the health of staff.

How does it work?


Structure of Classes

The classes are structured to meet the individual needs of each group of nurses/residents.They will begin with a warm-up and joint mobility, followed by a series of exercises designed to improve posture and reduce lower back pain.


During the Class

The classes will also include a guided meditation prior to the mobility portion and close with a guided relaxation/gratitude period in the end, which is aimed at positive reprogramming via gratitude mantras and deep breathing exercises to stimulate a profound feeling of tranquility through the parasympathetic system.


Aim of service

My virtual restorative mobility classes provide tremendous value to nurses and other staff or residents throughout the week. My program aims to reduce lower back pain, improve posture, and ultimately enhance overall health.


Benefits of Service

Countless studies, including my own case studies from prior work with MedStar Hospital in D.C., show a significant growth in cognitive focus and overall productivity when nurses participated in routine mobility training.

The answer to all your questions

How can we help you make a deceiosn?

Residents with mobility limitations or disabilities require individualized care. This includes assessing their specific needs, providing appropriate assistive devices, implementing personalized exercise programs, offering restorative therapy services when necessary, and ensuring the environment is accessible and accommodating. 

There are plenty of rehab-centric services in the market but what differentiates my business is one, the background I have with playing divison one football and performing collegiate ballet and being exposed to a plethora of physiological sciences geared towards enhancing movement.

Two, my efficacious approach towards ailments like lower back pain and improper posture.

And finally, how I blend mental advancement with physiological growth to promote absolute healing.

That’s not a problem, I think there’s great power in having multiple entities solving one problem because that increases the amount of value being provided. 

Practically speaking, we can come in and analyze your service and identify any areas they can improve on. 

Finally, if you are satisfied with your current prehab/rehab service, then maybe take a look at implementing our mental health service to your residents or even your staff. 

Injury prevention in healthcare institutions  involves implementing strategies to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries. This can be achieved through regular staff training, proper resident assessment, creating a safe environment, using assistive devices, educating residents about fall prevention, and implementing protocols for medication management and proper body mechanics during transfers.

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