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How Cervical Lordosis Affects Posture and Nurses’ Ability to Deliver Optimal Care

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Aug 25, 2023

cervical lordosis

It’s alarming the number of nurses who struggle with issues most of their patients have daily.


Ailments like low back pain, high stress, and cervical lordosis profoundly impact the overall health of nurses and their professional performance.


For nurses, who spend substantial hours on their feet tending to patients, posture plays an even more critical role. One aspect of posture that often goes unnoticed is cervical lordosis – the natural curve in the neck.


It’s hazardous when some nurses have a certain tolerance for these damaging afflictions.


Please continue reading to learn how we can correct nurses’ abilities to provide optimal care while experiencing cervical lordosis.


cervical lordosis


Cervical Lordosis Can Disrupt Body Mechanics


Due to the demanding nature of their job, nurses, in particular, are susceptible to posture-related issues. Prolonged hours spent bending over patients, lifting, and transferring them can gradually erode the natural curve of the neck, leading to a forward head posture. In this condition, the head juts forward from the shoulders.


But even worse, the constant flexion of their neck from charting plays a significant role in the genesis of cervical lordosis. This forward head posture looks unnatural, and places increased strain on the cervical spine.


This can lead to muscle imbalances, discomfort, and even chronic pain. A significant negative outcome is a disruption in the spine’s alignment and natural body mechanics.


According to the Better Health Channel, poor posture interferes with several of the body’s postural mechanisms, most notably the nervous system’s feedback on the body’s position in space.


cervical lordosis


The Impact on Nurses’ Ability to Deliver Optimal Care


Most may not fully comprehend how nurses’ posture directly influences their ability to provide quality care to patients.


Consider a nurse leaning over a patient’s bed for an extended period. As this action progresses, improper alignment strains the neck and back muscles, causing severe fatigue and discomfort.


Fatigued nurses might be unable to concentrate effectively, compromising their decision-making abilities and overall patient care.


Research shows that poor posture can lead to decreased lung capacity, impair cognition, and negatively affect CNS receptors—a crucial aspect of patient assessment and care.


Nurses with compromised posture might not be able to move patients adequately. They could operate slower due to insufficient oxygen intake, potentially missing vital information that can impact patient outcomes.


cervical lordosis


Preventing and Correcting Posture Issues


Management shouldn’t just send lengthy informative emails put together by Chat-GPT; Implementing ergonomic procedures can go a long way in preventing posture-related problems with the nursing staff.


Regular breaks to stretch, correct body mechanics when lifting patients, and utilizing proper equipment can help alleviate strain on the neck and back.


Performing exercises that focus on strengthening the neck, upper back, and core muscles can help restore cervical lordosis. Mobility Training and Pilates are particularly beneficial, emphasizing posture, flexibility, and core strength.


Incorporating these practices into their routines can help nurses build resilience against their jobs’ physical and mental demands.


In Conclusion


Maintaining a healthy cervical curve is paramount for nurses, who shoulder the responsibility of patient care. Poor posture from compromised cervical lordosis affects nurses’ energy levels, cognitive function, and physical well-being. These factors have been shown to cause nurses to make errors, influencing their ability to provide optimal care. Nurses can optimize their physical and mental health by understanding how to combat cervical lordosis and consistently deliver the best patient care.




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