How Long Should A Workout Last?

Dominion Ezechibueze — November 20, 2022   Time is a very valuable element in life and when considering how long should a workout last, many people seem to think the more time they are working out the more effective that workout is. Well, that’s not always the case.    This ideology is most commonly… Continue reading How Long Should A Workout Last?

Best Chest Exercises With Dumbbells

Dominion Ezechibueze — Aug 25, 2022     Looking for the best chest exercises with dumbbells to build and develop your chest muscles? If so, you should keep reading!    I have a great workout for you today, and you don’t need any complex equipment or machines.   The two items you will need are dumbbells… Continue reading Best Chest Exercises With Dumbbells

How To Activate Your Glutes Fully

Dominion Ezechibueze — July 6, 2022   Fun Fact: Glutes are the largest muscle group in the body. This article will show you how to activate your glutes. Most men tend to negate their glutes on leg day, but training this multi-layer muscle group can increase the effectiveness of your leg workouts! The glutes… Continue reading How To Activate Your Glutes Fully

Best Bodyweight Exercises

Dominion Ezechibueze — July 1, 2022   Typically, when people see someone who is physically fit, they don’t assume that the best bodyweight exercises allowed that extremely fit individual to have the results they envision for themselves. The common perception is that they are avid gym-goers and lift weights regularly. Without any proven information… Continue reading Best Bodyweight Exercises

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