How Can Stiff and Tight Muscles Result in Back Pain

How Can Stiff and Tight Muscles Result in Back Pain

Dominion Ezechibueze — Jan 31, 2023 Back pain is a common ailment that affects many people at some point in their lives. While there are many causes of back pain, one of the most common is stiff and tight muscles. In this article, we will explore how can stiff and tight muscles result in […]

How Mobility Training Can Make My Muscle Pain Feel Better?

feel better

Dominion Ezechibueze — Jan 30, 2023 Photo by: Luis Vazquez If you’re someone who has ever experienced muscle pain, you know that it can be very annoying and incredibly painful. Whether it’s a nagging lower-back pain or a debilitating cramp, your muscle pain can make it difficult to move around and enjoy your daily […]

Stretching for Shoulder Range of Motion: A Helpful Proactive Guide for Beginners

shoulder range of motion

Dominion Ezechibueze — Jan 28, 2023 Shoulder pain and stiffness can be incredibly frustrating to our health and well-being, especially when it limits our shoulder range of motion. I should know, a decade of playing football definitely had my shoulders stiff and in pain the majority of my playing career. Whether you’re recovering from […]

Why Hip Mobility Exercises Are so Beneficial For Overall Health

Hip mobility exercises

Dominion Ezechibueze — Jan 26, 2023 Hip mobility exercises are essential for our overall health and well-being. The hips are the largest joint in the body, playing a vital role in our movement, and are responsible for supporting our entire body weight. Our hips are so important also because they provide power needed for […]

Preventing Knee Pain When Bending: Tips & Tricks

knee pain when bending

Dominion Ezechibueze — Jan 25, 2023 Knee pain is an almost universal issue that happens to both sedentary and active people. It’s something that may seem inescapable for most due to the frequent level of pain endured. One of the most common causes of knee pain when bending is improper body movement patterns (bad […]

7 Simple Steps to Relieve a Foot Cramp Fast

foot cramp

Dominion Ezechibueze — Jan 20, 2023 Foot cramps can be an unnoticeable thing that we experience which can quickly progress to something more serious. They can be caused by a variety of factors, including overuse, dehydration, and certain medical conditions. However, there are several simple steps you can take to relieve a foot cramp […]

The Stiff Leg Deadlift: The Ultimate Exercise for Strengthening Your Hamstrings

Stiff Leg Deadlift

Dominion Ezechibueze — Jan 18, 2023 The stiff leg deadlift is a highly effective compound exercise that targets and strengthens your posterior muscles; back, hamstrings, triceps and glutes.   If performed right, the hamstrings will absorb most of the tension from a stiff leg deadlift. The “hammys” are a group of three muscles that […]

5 Simple Stretches to Help Relieve Rhomboid Muscle Pain

Rhomboid Muscle Pain

Dominion Ezechibueze — Jan 16, 2023 Rhomboid muscle pain is a common issue that can occur from a variety of reasons, including poor posture, rowing motions, pulling motions, repetitive motions, throwing motions, pushups, working out your shoulders and back with weights, and injury. Yea, thats a-lot. The rhomboids are a group of muscles located […]

10 Proven Strategies on How to Relieve Chest Tightness

how to relieve chest tightness

Dominion Ezechibueze —  Jan 13, 2023 If you want to learn how to relieve chest tightness, this article is for you. Chest tightness or pain is a common feeling among everyday people that can be moderate in discomfort or excruciating. Experiencing tightness in the chest can be very scary for most people, especially when it happens […]

The Top 5 Reasons Ankle Weights Are Effective For Beginners

ankle weights

Dominion Ezechibueze — Jan 12, 2023 Ankle weights are such an effective tool for adding resistance to workouts and improving strength and endurance. They are very useful for beginners because they are easy to use and can be incorporated into a variety of exercises. Ankle weights trigger your legs to work hard enough without […]