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All About Me Guide

Hi, I'm Dominion Ezechibueze, and I'm the founder and CEO of Minion Training LLC. I'm a NASM certified Fitness Trainer, certified Nutrition Coach, and a certified Stretching & Flexibility Coach. My mission is to help save lives by advancing the health of our nurses.

Restore Your Health & Passion For Nursing

πŸ”΄ FUN-FACT 1: Being a Nurse can be one of the most fulfilling jobs due to the fact that you are literally saving lives…

πŸ”΄ FUN-FACT 2: According to NCSBN, about 100,000 nurses left the workforce during the pandemic with 600,000 reporting their intention to leave by 2027…

12 hour shift
All About Me & My Program

The Proven Program To Eliminate Burnout

Most nurses didn’t go through the stress of nursing school just to leave the profession after a year or two of practicing. But being an efficient and sustainable nurse requires two things: Optimal ππ‡π˜π’πˆπ‚π€π‹ and πŒπ„ππ“π€π‹ health.

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Guided Steps

Helps nurses completely get rid of back pain and restores optimal mobility and postural alignment to their body.

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Detailed Plan

Helps nurses overcome burnout in order to properly decompress after a 12-hour shift.

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Nutrition Recipes

Helps nurses alleviate mental and emotional tension from their traumatic and highly demanding shift.

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Proven Results

Helps nurses enhance their energy and focus levels which increases their productivity and ability to deliver optimal care.

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