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From Injury to Recovery: 3 Exercises to Heal and Soothe Your Body

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June 1, 2023

heal and soothe

If you haven’t broken a bone or sprained an ankle from sports you played when you were younger, then count yourself one of the lucky ones. But the sad truth is most people, especially as we begin to age become very susceptible to injury.


One may slip and fall in the middle of the night coming from the bathroom or move the wrong way and sprain a muscle. Fortunately, incorporating targeted exercises into your rehabilitation routine can significantly heal and soothe the area of your injury.


In this article, we will explore five practices backed by scientific research and renowned national sources that can help you heal and soothe your body effectively. By incorporating these exercises into your recovery plan, you can regain strength, increase flexibility, and promote a faster and more comprehensive recovery. Let’s delve into the details!


1. Low-Impact Aerobic Exercise

Low-impact training comprises any kind of exercise that allows for minimal stress on the joints. After an injury, it would be imprudent to stop moving completely. Keeping your body moving while you recover is critical for proper rehab because it helps you ease back into your normal mechanics of movement.


Research conducted in the Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy showed that low-impact aerobic exercises can improve cardiovascular fitness and stimulate blood flow to injured tissues, helping to heal and soothe the pain.


When our heart rate increases, our body releases certain chemicals (Endorphins) that have pain-relieving effects and helps remove inflammation around damaged tissues.


Walking, swimming, bike riding, and lite stretching are great examples of activities to perform that don’t overwork your body. Conversely, it would be wise to discontinue exercises like squatting 500lbs and competing in an Ironman competition.


heal and soothe


2. Stretching and Range of Motion Exercises

Stretching and range of motion exercises are vital for maintaining flexibility and preventing muscle tightness during the recovery phase. Incorporating dynamic stretching and gentle range of motion exercises, as recommended by the American Physical Therapy Association, can help restore joint mobility and alleviate muscle stiffness.


Consult a physical therapist or certified mobility trainer to design a personalized stretching routine targeting your specific injury and needs.


3. Mind-Body Practices

The mind-body connection is an area of the health and wellness space that is just starting to catch some attention from mainstream marketers. This connection is so essential when recovering from an injury because so many necessary signals to initiate and increase healing comes from the brain.


Data published in the British Medical Journal suggests that mindfulness-based practices can heal and soothe pain, alleviate stress, and enhance the healing process.


Activities like yoga, tai chi, and meditation can have profound effects on our overall well-being and recovery process because of their ability to stimulate the mind-body connection.



Embarking on a journey from injury to recovery requires a comprehensive approach that combines scientific knowledge with tailored exercises. By integrating low-impact exercises, stretching, and mind-body practices into your recovery routine, you can promote healing, heal and soothe your body, and achieve a more complete recovery.


With the right exercises and mindset, you can make significant strides towards a stronger, healthier you.







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